You need to know?

Ask us! The EU InfoCentre team will answer any question you might have about the EU, its history, objectives, policies, programs, projects...

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Easy to understand – take a brochure

The EU InfoCentre offers to the visitors a variety of publications. There are around 200 titles of books, 70 titles of brochures, as well as maps, leaflets, guides, printed statistical data etc. on the shelves.

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Join us at EU Events

The EU InfoCentre organises a variety of events that are dedicated and related to the EU topics. Over 400 events in the course of 3 years and we are just warming up…

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Visit us at 17 locations round the country

One can get information about the EU in 17 different EU info relays in 13 cities throughout the country - 13 EU Info Points and 3 EUIs.

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Gallery – take a look at what we do!

Here you can find visuals – photos, videos, sounds or cartoons related to the activities or events carried out by the Delegation of the EU. In addition to the photo and video galleries offered on the web site, the EU InfoCentre offers viewing of the Europe by Satellite channels during the working hours.

Explore Europe from our internet corners

Throught six PC-s connected to high speed Internet, the EU InfoCentre offers free of charge access to a number of important EU websites and databases and assistance in online searches on specific topics.

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12 July 2016

Further development and strengthening of the organisational administrative and technical capacities of the audit authority

On Tuesday, July 12th 2016 at 11:00hrs, the opening event of the Twining Project “Further development and strengthening of the organisational administrative and technical capacities of the audit authority“ will take place at the EU Info Center.

31 May 2016

April – May: about 450 students attended EU lectures

In the period April – May students from 7 schools from Skopje and other cities visited the EU InfoCentre and attended a lecture about the EU. They learned about the history of the European Union, its symbols, values, functioning of its institutions, the accession process as well as the opportunities available for the young people

20 May 2016

Rebuilding roads, rebuilding lives – a new EU project in the flood-hit Municipality of Konce

The remote rural municipality of Konce is a beautiful but by no means easy place to live—and the record floods that hit the area in January 2015 have been making life a whole lot harder. .... 

This project is funded by the European Union. The views expressed are purely those of the consortium led by IMIKA and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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