05 November 2013


From 23 – 29 September 2013, the Delegation of the European Union and the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy and the publishing houses – grantees of the EU’s Culture Programme organised a Book Fair of books translated as part of the EU Culture Programme 2007 – 2013 and the European Day of Languages, in the EU InfoCentre in Skopje.

The Book Fair was open with a press conference with H.E. Aivo Orav, Head of the Delegation of the European Union and Ms Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska, Minister of Culture, as well as Ms Biljana Prentoska, National coordinator for the EU Culture programme.

Within the Book Fair, literary readings and discussions were organised with a number of European writers - György Konrád from Hungary, Melina Kameric from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dušan Čater from Slovenia, the winner of the EU Prize for Literature, Iren Nigg from Lichtenstein, and the promotion of the book by another winner of this Prize, Rodaan al Galidi from the Netherlands. Panel discussions were held about the translation of Homer and other ancient Greek and Roman plays, the French symbolists, as well as literary readings for children and a promotion of 165 books translated as part of the EU Culture Programme. Within the European Day of Languages, an announcement was made of the upcoming competition for best young translator “Babylon”.

The Fair was open with the literary reading and discussion with the author of the book “Shoes for Oscar Night”, Melina Kameric from Bosnia and Herzegovina, published by the publishing house Blesok. The Hungarian novelist and essayist, known as an advocate of individual freedom, György Konrád was the next guest writer at the Fair, with his book "Departure and Return" also published by Blesok. The audience had the opportunity to hear the address and reading of “Wording the Places Oneself” by Iren Nigg, in addition to the other events organised by the publishing house Vermilion - a presentation of books for children and youth, published as part of the Culture Programme and a debate about new trends in children’s literature. The Dutch embassy and the publishing house Ikona organised the promotion and a discussion of the book “The Autist and the Carrier-pigeon” by Rodaan Al Galidi. The publishing house Templum organised a literary reading and a discussion with the writer Dušan Čater from Slovenia ("Džehenem”) and Dejan Iliċ from Serbia (publisher of the book "The Fall of Columbia” by Saša Iliċ). In addition to the promotion of the translation of books published by Profundum, the Fair included a debate about the translation of ancient Greek and Roman plays.

During the Book Fair, the national winner of the EU Prize for Literature 2013 was announced at a press conference. Lidija Dimkovska, this year’s winner with her book “A Life in Reserve” published by Ili-Ili is our second winner after the writer Goce Smilevski.

The Delegation of the European Union also marked the European Day of Languages with an interactive debate for students of philology and the general public, during which experienced translators and professors shared their experience and advice with future translators. The upcoming competition for best young translator ‘BABYLON‘ was also announced.

The Book Fair was part of the series of events "Cultural stories” of the EU InfoCentre, which aim to promote the European culture as well as the contribution of the national culture to the European culture.