28 May 2014

Cultural Stories: Shared Parental Leave as means for Increased Gender Equality

The Swedish Embassy, in cooperation with EU-info Center, on 28 May 2014 organized a lecture and panel discussion on the subject of Shared Parental Leave as means for Increased Gender Equality. Lecturer Barbro Hedvall is a prominent journalist and former editorial writer at Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter.


Barbro has a long-term experience in writing about Swedish gender equality. She spoke on how gender equality has developed hand in hand with the Swedish welfare state and illustrate how gender equality has emerged from a socio-economic perspective.


The lecture was followed by a panel discussion on both the Swedish and the local contexts and policies on the issues. The photo exhibition Life Puzzle was displayed Participating panelists at the discussion were:

- Ms Barbro Hedvall, Swedish journalist
- Ms Panagotia Siapca, Swedish Social Insurance Agency
- Ms Elena Grozdanovska, Ministry of Labor and Social policy
- Ms Dushica Dimitrievska, Euro Balkan University
- Mr Gjuner Nebiu, Women Civic Initiative Antiko Macedonia

Mr Chris Henshaw, senior director for National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Macedonia, moderated the panel.