Jazz workshop with Stefan Schultze, Peter Ehwald and the Backyard Jazz Orchestra, opened the EU InfoCentre Cultural Stories series of events

On Saturday, 27 October 2012, a jazz workshop brought together famous regional and European jazz musicians from the Backyard Jazz Orchestra with renowned and aspiring Macedonian jazz musicians in a performance opened for the general public.

Following the presentation of the Backyard Jazz Orchestra project by its founders – the famous German jazz musicians Stefan SCHULTZE and Peter EHWALD, the musicians and participants engaged in a discussion and а jam session. About 50 participants in total, including students from the Stip Jazz Academy, some well known Macedonian musicians such as Ivan Bejkov and Toni Kitanovski as well young and unknown musicians engaged in a spontaneous and magical jazz session that lasted almost 3 hours, playing well known jazz standards and improvisations.

This event marked the start of the new programme of events Cultural Stories, established by the EU Delegation and the EU InfoCentre which aims to promote the European culture as well as the Macedonian contribution and active participation in the European culture. The Jazz workshop was organised in cooperation with the Skopje Jazz Festival and the Goethe Institute in Skopje.

The event was announced and covered by the media as well.