Cultural Stories at the EU InfoCentre

commemorated 50 years since the Skopje earthquake with the project

“The Photography – a witness or a victim”

Yesterday, on 23 July 2013, within the programme Cultural Stories, the EU InfoCentre hosted presentations of the internationally acclaimed photographers Tomislav Peternek and Frans Welters, who photographed Skopje in the first days and weeks after the earthquake, back 1963.

2013 marks 50 years since the devastating Skopje earthquake, after which Skopje was rebuilt from ruins thanks to unprecedented acts of solidarity and relief from countries, organizations and people all over the world.

Both photographers presented a part of their work and shared their memories of Skopje after the earthquake. The presentations also announced the photo exhibitions that will be displayed in the coming days - Tomislav Peternek’s exhibition at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Frans Welters’ exhibition at the Cinematheque.

Tomislav Peternek is one of the most famous Serbian photographs and his photo exhibition of the Earthquake in Skopje is considered as the best photo essay of that event. The photos of this exhibition were once published in the renowned “Life” and other world known media that covered the event.

Frans Walters is a prominent Dutch photographer that in 1963 documented the event through portraits of people of the city that was destroyed by the horrible disaster. His photos of the earthquake were published in many media in the Netherlands: Het Limburgs dagblad, Vrijevolk, Foto, Volkskrant and others.

Within the programme marking the 50 years of Skopje Earthquake, under the motto is “Skopje remembers”, the Macedonian Centre for Photography is implementing the project “The Photography – a witness or a victim”, part of which are the presentations Tomislav Peternek’s and Frans Walters’ presentations that will be held in the EU InfoCentre.