Bogovinje Project summary

Municipality: BOGOVINJE


RECONSTRUCTION OF LOCAL ROAD (under the EC-IPA Rural Investment trust Fund)


Euro 291,000

IPA grant: Euro 260,000 and municipal co-financing EUR 31,000.

The IPA grant is 75% from the EU and 25% from national budget.


Bogovinje is a municipality of 30,000 inhabitants (95% Albanians). Industries and services prevail in this rural municipality. Agriculture is not intensive and practiced as a secondary activity.

Project goals

The main project goal is to allow faster and safer traffic as well as to facilitate the communication among the settlements of Pirok, Bogovinje, Zerovjane, Gorno Sedlarce and Kamenjane and their connection to the regional road (R-402) and the arterial road M4 Tetovo-Gostivar.

The project consists of the reconstruction of two roads:

  • Reconstruction of part of the local road, settlement of Pirok – settlement of Gorno Sedlarce (EUR 155,000)

The road connects the settlements of Pirok and Gorno Sedlarce. The local road was built more than 30 years ago. The length of the road is 1190.3m. The road provides communication between the two settlements and the municipal center of Bogovinje. The road route runs mostly through agricultural municipal   area and areas with trade facilities. This road is very often used for trucks and agricultural machinery. According to municipal data, this road is used by the inhabitants of the settlements of Pirok, Bogovinje and Gorno Sedlarce, who have their agricultural plots in this part of the municipality. According to municipal data this road section is used by approximately 20,000 inhabitants.

  • Reconstruction of the local road “street no. 1”, settlement of Kamenjane – regional road R-402 (EUR 135,000)

This is a 20 years old asphalt street in the settlement of Kamenjane with a total length of 0.72km. The road connects with the regional road R-402. Street 1 is located in a municipal area where there are agricultural plots and residential facilities. The local inhabitants of the settlement of Kamenjane as well as surrounding settlements use this street as the main link that connects them with the municipal center Bogovinje. According to municipal data, the local road Kamenjane-regional road R-402 is used by approximately 15,000 inhabitants.


Project status

The contract between Municipality and the contractor was signed on June 16, 2016. 90% of works are completed. The works shall be completed until April 2017

The municipality has expressed its full satisfaction related to the cooperation with the project. The main issue for them is to ensure a quality construction. In addition to the work of the supervision company, it was explained that the engineer of the municipality needed to perform a daily monitoring of the construction sites.



The investment capacity of the municipality (capital expenditures) is around 2 million EUR out of a total budget of 4 million EUR (blog grant for education excluded) which is a very good ratio.

The municipality organizes annual forum with the population to select the main investment priorities. In these forums a gender approach has been developed.

The current priority is to construct a sewage network in all main settlements (EUR 10M). The Mayor is of the opinion that a regional wastewater treatment plant covering the entire Polog valley (300,000 habitants) should be envisaged.

Under the EC-IPA Rural Investment Trust Fund, no new grant agreements between MoF and municipalities have been signed since January 2017 because of the technical government. A solution should be found in case the formation of a new government is delayed. EUD has already approached World Bank on this issue.


Project Basic project results data Estimated total people per day to have seen the table/ to see the table Display panels
Infrastructure improvements Direct beneficiaries (from PAD) Estimated total beneficiaries (inhabitants) / Population in sub-project settlement (census 2002) Number of placed/to be placed Type (During construction/ Permanent
Construction of local road – village Pirok – National road M4 1190m road 5000 inhabitants




During construction
Construction of street 1 in Kamenjane. 720m road 5100 inhabitants



Picture of the current panel


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