29 September 2017

The winners of the fourth BABYLON Award for Best Young Translator announced

The winners of the fourth BABYLON Award for Best Young Translator, organised by the Delegation of the European Union and the MATA Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association were announced on Tuesday, 26 September, at an awarding ceremony in the Ramstore Mall, organised on the occasion of the 2017 European Day of Languages.

The first prize for the translation from Spanish into Macedonian of parts from “‘Pasaje a Tahiti’ (A Ticket to Tahiti) by Eva Garcia Saenz was awarded to Sara Ilievska. Ardita Zulfiu was announced the other first-prize winner, for her translation of parts from “The Bone Clocks” from English into Albanian. The second-place acknowledgements were bestowed to Rina Jankulovska, for the translation of parts from “Le Grand Marin” (The Great Sailor) by Catherine Poulain, from French into Macedonian. Ardita Zulfiu also won the second-place acknowledgement for the translation from English into Albanian of parts from “Not Working” by Lisa Owens.  

At the ceremony, the awards were handed out H.E. Samuel Žbogar, Head of the EU Delegation, and Ognena Nikuljski,   Professor at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, President of MATA and President of the BABYLON Organising Committee.

The fifth edition of the BABYLON Award for Best Young Translator was also announced by Ambassador Žbogar at the event, and published on the same day.

During his speech, Ambassador Žbogar emphasized that the European Union is dedicated to the learning of languages and to proving that language diversity can be a success story. “Learning of languages is key for the strengthening of inclusiveness and dialogue, common understanding and respect,” the Ambassador stated.

The objectives of the competition are to encourage and promote young translators as well as to encourage excellence in translating literary works from European languages into the languages spoken in the country. The Competition is open for young translators, up to 26 years, for translations of literary works from any of the 24 official languages of the European Union into any of the languages spoken in the country.

The award consists of a translation-related study tour, annual membership in MATA and publication of the translation in the Kulturen život magazine.  

This year's awarding ceremony was part of an event organised together with EUNIC Skopje (European Union National Institutes for Culture) where students had the opportunity to take part in language workshops as well as visit the stands where books in various European languages and books translated into local languages under the Creative Europe Programme were exhibited.

Winning Translation by Sara Ilievska

Winning Translation by Ardita Zulfiu 

Babylon Award Ceremony Video