EU Info point in Veles is situated in the center of the town on the following address:

EU Info Point Veles
Municipality Veles
Address: ul. "Panko Brasnar" br. 1
1400 Tetovo
Tel. (++ 389 043) 232 406 lok. 226

22 January 2010

EU lecture for 5 schools in Veles

On 22 January, the EU InfoCentre and EU Info Point in Veles organized a presentation for seventh and eighth grade pupils from the five schools in Veles about the EU.

About 100 students from elementary schools “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, “Blagoj Kirkov”, “Vasil Glavinov”, “Jordan H. Dzinot” and “Blaze Koevski” attended the lecture about the history of the EU, its institutions, as well as the joint achievements of the European nations. Following the lecture, they took part in a Questions & Answers session and a short EU Quiz...