Major Project: Improvements in waste water collection and waste water treatment in Prilep

In 2013, the existing sewer network covered approximately 80% of the city, and although there was a separate storm water collection network, there were substantial interconnections between the storm and foul networks. The waste water was directly discharged without any treatment into Prilepska River, which runs through the centre of Prilep.

The major project for Improvements in waste water collection and waste water treatment in Prilep include two parts: rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage network (done in two phases) and construction of a wastewater treatment plant.

The main counterparts to the EU projects are the Central Financing and Contracting Department, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Municipality of Prilep, and the Water Utility JKP Vodovod i Kanalizacija – Prilep.

Rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage network (phase I)

The first phase of rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage network ended on 27th November 2016. Approximately 23 km of sewerage network were built/rehabilitated; the waste water collection network now covers 90% of Prilep urban territory. The extension of the wastewater network increased the total population equivalents (P.E.) served from 69,808 P.E. in 2010 to 80,899 P.E. after the investments.

Project commencement date: 15 September 2013

Budget: 6.263.392 euro

Contractor: Ludwig Pfiffer Hoch-und Tiefbau GmbH & Co.KG (Germany)


STATUS: project successfully ended

Construction of a wastewater treatment plant

The ongoing project is related to design and construction of municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) for 95.000 People Equivalent. Works include design, civil works, mechanical works, electrical works, automation works, training of staff and commissioning.


The indicative scope of works is the construction of wastewater treatment plant for primary and secondary treatment with effluent parameters compliant with the Urban Waste Water treatment Directive: (BOD) 25mg/l; (TSS) 35 mg/l; (COD) 125 mg/l. Construction of a modern waste Water Treatment Plant will reduce pollution loads to the receiving Prilepska River.

Project commencement date: 23 June 2014

Budget: 9.667.774 euro

Contractor: PONSSTROJINJENERING EAD (Bulgaria) in consortium with ECO-Project 2000 OOD.

STATUS: currently the project is in delay and approximately only 25% of civil work has been completed. However all the parties involved are committed to finalise the project as soon as possible.


The supervision contract is signed with IGIP GmbH (Germany) in consortium with Ivanov Inzenering.

The overall EU contribution: WWTP Construction, Sewerage rehabilitation and extension (Phase I), Supervision, study and tender preparation amounts to approx. 14.5 Million EURO.


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