Cultural stories: Exhibition by Sasho Sazdovski and Pandora Apostolska Sazdovska

On 12 May, Monday, the exhibition of sculptures and paintings by artists Saso Sazdovski and Pandora Apostolska Sazdovska was open at the EU InfoCentre. The exhibition, organised within the Cultural stories series of events, is also taking place as part of the 2014 Europe Day programme.

The event, which was open by Professor Igor Jovanoski, Southeast European University, encompassed the exhibition of sculptures “Family” by Sasho Sazdovski , and paintings and an installation titled “Playground” by Pandora Apostolska Sazdovski.


Sasho Sazdovski won the first prize for sculpture and Pandora Apostoloska Sazdovska won the third prize for painting at the International Exhibition in Paris in the autumn 2013, organised by the European Capital of Culture UMEA 2014. Both Sazdovski, a sculptor, and Apostolska Sazdovska, a visual artist, have graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, and have exhibited abroad and locally.

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