Cultural Stories: Tribute to Sigmund Freud

On Wednesday, 14 May at 12:00 hrs, the lecture on Sigmund Freud’s life and work, “Tribute to Sigmund Freud” will take place at the EU InfoCentre, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the death of the father of psychoanalysis. The event, part of the EU InfoCentre’s programme of events Cultural stories and of the activities within the 2014 Europe Day programme is organised by the EU Delegation, in cooperation with the Embassy of Austria.

The lecture, aiming at honouring Freud’s extraordinary legacy as one of the most influential minds of the 20th century, will be held by Dr. Lisa Fischer, Austria. Dr. Fischer will be joined by Goce Smilevski, author of the book Sigmund Freud’s Sister – winner of the 2010 European prize for Literature, who will speak under the title “Historiography, imagination, fiction: imagining Freud's sister”. It is also planned that Dr. Thomas Michael Baier, Ambassador of Austria opens the event.

The programme of events Cultural Stories, aims at promoting European culture as well as the national contribution and active participation in European culture.

More information on the biography of the speakers can be found on the following links: