13 October 2015

Cultural stories: October - Month of European Literature

The publishing house ANTOLOG in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union and the EU InfoCentre organises a series of events devoting October as a Month of the European Literature including the Promotion of Anthology of European love poetry.

The activities included:

European Literature Fair

1-31 October, Bookshop “Antolog”

(including 50% discount on all books by European authors)

Promotion of a book by Isabelle Wéry (Belgium), winner of the 2013 European Prize for Literature

10 October, 20:00 hrs, buffet at Cinema “Frosina”, Youth Cultural Centre

“In person with the Author - Isabelle Wéry”, meeting and book signing

12 October, 12:00 hrs, Bookshop “Antolog”

Promotion of the book by Biljana Stojanovska

13 October, 21:00 hrs, buffet, Youth Cultural Centre

Promotion of a book by Zachary Karabashliev (Bulgaria)

22 October, 19:00 hrs, Gallery, Youth Cultural Centre

“In person with the Author - Zachary Karabashliev”, meeting and book signing

24 October, 12:00 hrs, Bookshop “Antolog” The month of the European Literature finished with a Promotion of the Anthology of European love poetry entitled “Give me two (poems), love ones!” on 27 October at the Club at the Youth Cultural Centre.

The Anthology of European love poetry includes poems by European authors on the topic of “love” in all its forms and appearances. The selection of the poems was made by 7 national writers, 5 translators and 5 authors from the EU, each of whom selected 2 of her/his favourite “love” poems to be included in the Anthology.