13 October 2015

Cultural stories: European Contemporary Composers

First edition: “E-coustic”

The Delegation of the European Union and the EU InfoCentre in close cooperation with the Embassies of EU Member States in the country, the Composers Association of Macedonia (SOKOM), Music ensemble “Con Tempora” and the prominent musicologist and member of SOKOM, Ms. Branka Kostic-Markovic, a partner and coordinator of the project, launched the European Contemporary Composers, a project that presents the contemporary European composers to the public through several editions.

The first edition of the European Contemporary Composers is entitled “E-coustic” (“E” for Euro-acoustic, but also for Electro-acoustic). “E-coustic” presented three composers, two guest-composers – Boris Bezemer from the Netherlands andGirilal Baars from Sweden, and the domestic composer Ana Pandevska.

The first ever concert within the European Contemporary Composers programme was held Tuesday, 20 October, at Daut Pashin Amam in Skopje. It included pieces by these three composers performed by the music ensemble “Con Tempora”.

A day before the concert, at a lecture on 19 October 2015, at Faculty of Music Art, UKIM, Skopje (free entrance), the guest-composers Boris Bezemer and Girilal Baars shared their experiences with students of music faculties to help them to better understand their work, contemporary music in general, the new composing practices and the specific techniques of performance of contemporary compositions.

Musicians, producers, music theoreticians and other interested audience also had the possibility to attend a lecture on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, at the EU InfoCentre, where the three composers spoke on the theme: “How to live of one’s own creative work – EU experiences of use for the small countries”.

The goal of the European Contemporary Composers project is to present leading contemporary European composers through concerts of their works, master classes for students, discussions with domestic composers and professionals, and lectures for wider audience, aiming to promote the European contemporary art music and also to contribute to the development of new professional skills among the domestic musicians and cultural operators.