2 June 2015

Cultural stories: “Empress Sisi of Austria – Legend and Reality” - Lecture by Dr Lisa Fischer

On 02 June 2015, the EU InfoCentre hosted the lecture “Empress Sisi of Austria – Legend and Reality”, by the Austrian historian Dr Lisa Fischer. The lecture, which was organised by the Austrian Embassy and the Delegation of the European Union, was part of the EU InfoCentre’s programme of events “Cultural Stories”.

Within the lecture, Dr Fischer talked about the life of the famed Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary – Sisi. The Empress was assassinated in 1898 by an Italian freedom fighter in an act of protest against monarchic rule. Ironically, throughout her entire life Elisabeth fought for her own personal freedom in opposing the conventions of the Habsburg court, and consequently also against her husband. Her tragic death added to the myth of an unhappy beauty. But beyond this beauty we may discover an intellectual, poet, philosopher as well as top athlete, women who tried courageously to define her one life. Thus, even today her life reveals stimulating aspects of emancipation.