26 November 2015

Cultural stories: Exhibition “Moments in Europe” by the photographer Igor Danajlovski

On 30 November, Monday, at 19:00 hrs., the exhibition of photographs “Moments in Europe” by the photographer Igor DANAJLOVSKI will be open in the EU InfoCentre. The exhibition, at which its author Danajlovski will welcome the guests, is organised within the Cultural stories series of events.

Within the exhibition, the photographer Igor Danajlovski (residing in Germany, Düsseldorf), will be presenting a selection of photos taken within the last 2 years of his photographic work. These will include sceneries from across Europe, including artistic photographs taken in London, Mantua, Barcelona…

As a passionate photographer, Danajlovski states that he “captures things that cannot be seen with the eyes but have to be captured with a camera”. Danajlovski makes an effort to link moments with emotions, thoughts with wishes, and, in the end, tries to link the photo with the venue where it’s been taken. The photos of European cities will deliver unique stories captured around urban Europe; stories, as the author says, full of energy and strength, which can overcome any borders between European countries.

The exhibition  will be displayed in the EU InfoCentre from 30 November though 15 December.

Danajlovski’s work can be seen at www.Herrfotograf.de