27 January 2017


Today, 27 January 2017, at a Press Conference held in Kičevo, H.E Samuel Žbogar, launched the "EU for YOU" campaign of the European Union Delegation in Skopje.

The main aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and inform the public about the EU assistance in the country.

The "EU for YOU" campaign has a thematic approach and will begin with highlighting the importance of maintaining a clean environment - one of the key EU policy and sector priorities and areas of EU investment. 

During the press conference, H.E Samuel Žbogar stressed that the overall EU assistance in the field of environment amounts to more than 80 Million Euro under IPA I (2007-2013) and that there is further support planned to a value of 100 million Euro under next IPA II financial allocation.

The launching Press Conference took place in Kičevo, one of the many towns throughout the country where the EU is providing financial assistance for addressing environmental challenges. In Kičevo, the EU has funded the construction of a waste-water treatment plant and main collector of 4km with 5.2 million Euro. This project was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Municipality of Kičevo and the Public Communal Enterprise and its total value is 7.5 Million Euro.



The EU support in the water sector in the country mainly includes infrastructures to protect the environment and all related activities: preparation of project documentations, construction, supervision of works, capacity building at local and central level, identification of future needs, and development of tariff system. The main objective is to have clean rivers and good services provided to the citizens by improving municipal wastewater collection and treatment and reducing the negative impact on water quality, nature and health.

With the EU assistance a National study of water is prepared in the country in order to help the country to achieve European standards in this area. The main goal is to protect the environment from the negative effects of urban wastewater and provide safe drinking water. Another important project supported by the EU is the Reform of the system of water supply, gathering and purifying of water at local level which is implemented in several cities in the country and which should provide a safe water supply and adequate wastewater treatment. With the help provided by the EU, the country is preparing to build sewerage networks in many regions. The purpose of these projects is to have clean rivers free of wastewater, so the citizens can have efficient service that will improve the collection and treatment of wastewater in the municipalities.


Cleaning the riverbeds of Strumica river and river Crna in the Pelagonian region

Expertise for improving water management trough better implementation of the laws

Repair and extension of sewerage network in Prilep, Berovo and Kumanovo

Studies for wastewater collection and treatment projects in municipalities of Kičevo, Strumica, Bitola, Tetovo, Veles and Štip

Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plants in municipalities of Kičevo, Radoviš and Strumica


Air pollution is one of European Union's main environmental concerns. The European Union works hard to build a cleaner environment, promoting sustainable growth, shifting to a low-carbon, climate-resilient and resource-efficient economy. In the past and at present, the EU has been a strong supporting partner to the country in its efforts to reduce air pollutants emissions and to improve air quality. The EU assistance in the country aims at contributing to a cleaner environment and improved air quality in the long run. The main aims of the European projects in the country are the preparation of a Plan to improve air quality; a Short-Term Action Plan for the state of increased concentrations of pollutants in the Skopje region and an Air improving Programme for Bitola. Moreover, the EU continuously helps the country improve its environmental laws and implementation, as well as enhance the knowledge of public administration employees about the new Industrial Emissions Directive. Overall, the EU supported projects in the country are oriented towards introducing good EU practices for the effective management of natural resources and the reduction of air pollution.  



Improving air quality by enriching the laws and supporting their implementation.

Supporting public employees and experts with know-how on how to implement the new Industrial Emissions Directive

Further strengthening of the capacities for effective implementation of the acquis in the field air quality

Strengthening the administrative capacity for implementation of the nature protection acquis