23 February 2017

Debate "Christian philosophical forum"

The first debate in the lecture series "Christian philosophical forum" was organized by the EU InfoCentre in cooperation with the Philosophical Society in the country. The purpose of this series is to set the forum as a dialogue platform consisted of discussions on various philosophical, theological, social, political, ethical and cultural issues.

The fundamental philosophical issues in the contemporary European believe is constructed and discussed in relation to the religious discourse of Christianity. In fact, Christian culture has the role to to act as a point of reference on various issues and debates. The Christian philosophical forum will open these issues and will discuss their relationship with this reference point, discussing the explicit and the implicit dimensions of that relationship.

The first Christian philosophical discussion forum concentrated on the term ARCHE, which can be translated as: beginning, origin, principle, but also as power and rule. The discussion covered the basic meanings of the proposed term, but also the implications of contemporary socio-political realities in the interpretation of the term ARCHE.

The first debate was moderated by Father Dr. Milan Djordjevic (Faculty of Theology UKIM - Skopje) and Dr. Risto Solunchev (Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje University - Skopje) and their guests were prof. Dr. Ivan Dodovski (UACS School of Political Science, UAC - Skopje) and prof. Dr. Nenad Markovic (Faculty of Law, Skopje University - Skopje).