16 February 2017

"EU for YOU" Campaign in Berovo

The Ambassador Samuel Žbogar, Head of Delegation of the European Union, and the French Ambassador Christian Thimonier visited the town of Berovo as part of the recently launched "EU for YOU" campaign.

The campaign "EU for YOU" started on 27 January, in Kičevo, with the objective to raise awareness and inform the public about the EU assistance in the country.

As its first theme is environment, the campaign travels to places across the country where the EU gives assistance for fighting pollution and providing 'Clean Environment for All' (the motto for this theme).

In Berovo, the EU has provided finance of more than 3 million euros for the rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage network. This project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the municipalities of Berovo and Pehčevo and their respective public utility companies. The investment project includes approximately 25 km of network and in particular envisaged:

  • Replacement of sewage main collector (left and right bank of River Bregalnica) in Berovo;
  • Construction of  storm water collection system in Berovo;
  • Construction of sewage main and secondary collectors for the settlement of Smojmirovo;
  • Construction of the main trunk sewer for settlements of Pehčevo and Čiflik;
  • Extension of secondary sewage network in the Berovo Lake area;
  • Construction of the main collector and part of the sewage network in the settlement of Vladimirovo

The overall EU assistance to the country in the field of environment amounts to more than 80 million euros under IPA I (2007-2013) whereas further support of 100 million euros is planned under the next IPA II financial allocation.