25 April 2017

"EU for YOU" Campaign in Negotino

Ambassador Samuel Žbogar, Head of the Delegation of the European Union, visited the city of Negotino, as part of the "EU for YOU" campaign. The campaign has the objective to raise awareness and inform the public about the EU assistance in the country. In Negotino, the Ambassador met the Mayor Mr. Vanco Apostolov and visited the EU funded projects.

Together with the Mayor of Almopia, Ambassador Žbogar and Mayor Apostolov addressed the audience at the closing conference of the project "Bee- conomy – Support and Development of the Bee Products' economy in the cross-border area". This project is funded under the Cross-border Cooperation Programme of the European Union, and its total value is 540,634 euro.

Ambassador Žbogar also visited the Media Literacy Lab – an interactive activity organized with high school students, developed under the EU funded project "Macedonian Coalition of Media and Information Literacy". The total value of this project is slightly over 300.000 euro, and it aims at helping students to become media literate citizens who will know how to access and perceive information, as well as how to express their opinions through media.