7 February 2017

"EU for YOU" Campaign in Prilep

The Ambassador Samuel Žbogar, Head of Delegation of the European Union, and the German Ambassador Christine Althauser visited the town of Prilep as part of the recently launched "EU for YOU" campaign.

The campaign "EU for YOU" started on 27 January, in Kičevo, with the objective to raise awareness and inform the public about the EU assistance in the country.

As its first theme is environment, the campaign travels to places across the country where the EU gives assistance for fighting pollution and providing 'Clean Environment for All' (the motto for this theme).

In Prilep, the EU has provided finance of about 21.5 million euros for the construction of a waste-water treatment plant, rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage network (in two phases). This project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Municipality of Prilep and the Public Utility Company JKP Vodovod i Kanalizacija – Prilep. When completed, 95% of the citizens should be connected to the sewerage network whereas the waste-water treatment plant should achieve the quality standards required under the EU Urban Waste-Water Treatment Directive and the respective national legislation.

Prilep and the Pelagonija region are also benefiting from the 10 million euro flood recovery program funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Under this program, 46 kilometres of the Crna Reka riverbed have been cleared, reducing the risk of floods for more than 230,000 people.

The overall EU assistance to the country in the field of environment amounts to more than 80 million euros under IPA I (2007-2013) whereas further support of 100 million euros is planned under the next IPA II financial allocation.