3 March 2016

European Film Talks

The Delegation of the European Union in cooperation with the EU InfoCentre started the monthly event “European Film Talks” where an award winning European movie will be shown. The selected movies will be shown for educational purposes and to prompt a debate about the art of film making, European cinema of the late 20th and early 21st century, European politics, migration processes and other topics covered by the film that the audience will see.

The “European Film Talks” series started with the screening of the movie “Europa” by Lars fon Trier. The film won the Cannes Film Festival jury prize in 1991. The film “Europa” employs an experimental style of cinema, combining largely black and white visuals with occasional intrusions of colour moments, and layering different images over one another to surreal effect.

The “European Film Talks” series is organized under the program Cultural Stories which promote European culture through exhibitions, music sessions, film screenings, lectures and other exciting cultural events. The program Cultural Stories is organized by the Delegation of the European Union and the EU InfoCentre in Skopje in collaboration with numerous partners.