30 January 2017

Presentation and lecture: the importance of good air quality

Yesterday in the premises of EU Info Centre, an event related to air quality subject was organised as part of the series called "Good to know". The event was primarily dedicated to the students from high schools and universities as well for the non-governmental organisations active in the environment area.

The main aim of the session was to educate the targeted audience about importance of the air quality and to raise the awareness about negative impact of air pollution and importance of applying prevention measures for improving the current condition of air pollution levels.

The Resident Twinning Advisor , Ms. Sari Lappi from the Finish Meteorological Institute and Ms. Aneta Stefanovska, Head of Air Quality Unit in the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning presented the main activities, results and recommendations developed from the latest EU funded twinning project on air quality. The twinning project was third in a row of large EU assistance so far provided (more than 3M€) in the air quality sector supported also by several supply contracts providing substantial support in provision of necessary equipment and software for air quality monitoring. As part of the project activities an air quality awareness raising campaign ‘disheme zaedno’ was designed. The aim of this campaign is to provide information of the possibilities to improve air quality in everyday life and work. Furthermore the campaign aims to challenge the citizens and public and private organizations alike to make the air breathable by doing only one thing differently.

The presentations motivated huge interest from the students and NGO representatives. The interest raised was primarily focused on identification of practical actions to be applied by every citizen in the daily routine that could ultimately lead to the air quality improvement. The discussion developed during the session was clearly demonstrating the big concern but also awareness of the young population about air pollution.

The series of lectures "Good to Know" are organised within the frame of recently launched nation-wide campaign "EU for YOU” introducing the EU assistance in environment sector under the slogan "Clean Environment for All"!