Project title: “Rehabilitation and Extension of the Sewerage Network in Municipality of Berovo”

The overall objective of the project is to improve municipal waste water collection infrastructure.

In the Municipality of Berovo the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) was constructed with the support of the Swiss Government and it is in operation since 2010. However, due to poor condition of the sewerage network there are numerous breakdowns and leakages and there is no full separation of waste and storm water. Because of development and population growth, the capacity of the sewerage network is not any more sufficient. For the optimal operation of the existing WWTP and existing needs, new settlements have to be connected to the sewerage network and storm water network separation from the existing sewerage network shall be completed. Only 25% storm sewer network has been realised and this becomes a serious problem during heavy rains.

The project envisaged measures for upgrading of the existing sewerage system, which would contribute to improved hygienic standards for the population, protection of the River Bregalnica and proper functioning of the existing waste water treatment plant.


The main counterparts to the EU projects are the Central Financing and Contracting Department, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Municipality of Berovo and Pehcevo, and their Public Communal Enterprises.


Project expected results:

  1. Replacement of sewage main collector (left and right bank of River Bregalnica) in Berovo,
  2. Construction of storm water collection system in Berovo,
  3. Construction of sewage main and secondary collectors for settlement Smojmirovo,
  4. Construction of the main trunk sewer for settlements of Pehcevo and Chiflik,
  5. Extension of secondary sewage network in the Berovo Lake area,
  6. Construction of the main collector and part of the sewage network in the settlement of Vladimirovo.

The investment project includes approx. 25 km of network.

Contractor: Chemkostav a.s. (SK) in consortium with Konstruktor Renata (MK)

Period of implementation:   From May 2016 till August 2017 + 12 months of defect liability period.

Budget: 3.863.186 EUR (including contingency) of which 2.889.663 EUR of IPA contribution

Status: currently the project has approximately completed 25% of the works.

The supervision contract is signed with Louise BERGER (FR) in consortium with Aquafluent (MK).


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