Join us at EU Events

Over 400 events took place over the past 10 years including debates, seminars, press conferences, round tables, lectures, fairs, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts etc, gathering people across all society sectors.

The EU InfoCentre auditorium is fully equipped with audio, presentation and translation equipment offering excellent environment for successful organization of events, within the auditorium space limitation of 64 seats.

We welcome organised groups of visitors. Lectures for elementary, high schools and university students are regularly organised within the project “Open door for students”. For organised group visits, please contact us at the following e-mail:

Organisations interested in organising an EU-related event in the EU InfoCentre can apply by filling in the Request form for reservation of the EU InfoCentre premises.


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Organisers are kindly requested to contact the EU InfoCentre staff should they have the need for any conference room or entrance hall alterations.

All conference room equipment is made ready for use by the EU InfoCentre staff. Please do not make any changes yourself. The EU InfoCentre staff is always available to assist, should you have any technical issues or requests.

Please note that EU InfoCentre staff can provide assistance with the preparation of name holders  for  the  speakers,  assistance  with  microphones  during  Q&A  sessions  as  well  as technical assistance, i.e. assistance related to the work of EU InfoCentre equipment. The EU InfoCentre  staff  is  not  able  to  provide   organisational  assistance  such  as  help  at  the registration desk, distribution of information materials or preparation of catering facilities.

Since the EU InfoCentre remains open to the public during events, organisers are kindly asked to  ensure  that  food  and  drinks  are  consumed  in  the  EU  InfoCentre  hall  only. Organisers are also responsible for the supervision of the catering service.

Please attach the draft agenda of your event to this application. It is obligatory to send the final agenda and the list of invitees at least 24 hours prior to the event. The organisers are responsible for informing the EU InfoCentre event manager or other staff as available of all changes within the event.

Please note that your application is not confirmed automatically, but only after a written confirmation from the EU InfoCentre or the Delegation of the European Union.

Thank you in advance. We look forward to future cooperation.


Interested organisations should note the following criteria when requesting the EU InfoCentre’s premises :

  • the topic of the event should be closely related to the policies, programs and initiatives of the European Union
  • public EU-funded project events are a priority
  • request forms for using the EU InfoCentre’s premises should be sent at least two weeks prior to the suggested date of the event
  • up to three partner organisation events per week can be organised
  • an organisation can use the premises of the EU InfoCentre up to two times per year
  • duration of events should remain within one working day
  • media presence at events is a priority
  • Saturday events should be limited within the working hours of the EU InfoCentre (10:00 – 13:00 hrs.)


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